Private Indoor Rental 


Fitness Plans/Evaluations

Weather you have a weekend ball warrior, senior pet or sports competition dog fitness is important!! Here are just some of the benefitsof fitness in your canine friend:


Classes Available

Group Puppy Classes Focus of life skills for a safe and happy puppy! 

Private Sport Specific- CKC obedience, Puppy body awareness games for sport, Rally obedience or fun tricks and retrieves

Fitness Assessments:   fitness assessments and monthly  plans to reach your specific goals (Senior, Pet, Sport

Drop in Gym- coming soon!


 Tap into your dogs potential! Strengthen your Bond!


Fitness Packages for our Canine Friends

Beginner Home Plan package $150.00


-1st lesson: Fitness Assessment and Goal consult

-Morphometrics (measurements)

-30 day fitness Plan designed specifically for your dogs goals and equipment you have available

-2nd lesson: instruction on your monthly plan, instruction on desired form and lesson on creating unassisted movement using a clicker


Fitness Assessment $60.00

- assessment to determine starting point for fitness lessons or plan

-Gait assessment/ movement evaluation

-assessment of form of movement

-goal evaluation

- Testing of training Cue's and Physical testing on equipment

Fitness Lessons

$60.00 per lesson

$300 for 6 fitness lessons

$500 for 12 lessons - package includes free Fitness assessment ***

**lessons include warm up, exercises for strength, balance, flexibility and mental challenges and also cool down.

Lessons are held at the training hall using fitpaws equipment

Treadmill Session $15.00 per 30 min