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Clicker Buddies is located on the lower level of Burloak Animal Hospital in Oakville, Ontario.

Address: 3060 Lakeshore Road West, Oakville, Ontario




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OTCh Goldenbreez Mount Uriel Buddy DD AgIJS AgNS CGN RE Caro- RN-MCL, RA-MCL, RE-MCL, RV-MCL, RNT, RAT, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Master Champion, WCFO FD/MF BB/HTM, HIC

Janurary 16th,2003- Jan 27th, 2014

Forever Missed

WCFO- 2009 World Competition- 1st place Novice

#5 BMD in Canada 2006 in Obedience

#5 BMD in Canada 2009 in Obedience

#3 BMD in Canada 2008 in Obedience

Only BMD in 2008 to achieve Canadian Obedience Champion

#1 BMD/ #5 working group dog 2011 in Canada for Rally Obedience

#3 working group/ #1 BMD in Ontario for Obedience 2013

Titled in Agility, Obedience, Rally, Draft, Muscial Freestyle, Heelwork to Music

Grandgables A Caribbean Flirt CGN RE RAE1, Caro RA-MCL, WCFO FD/MF, HIC

# 6 Shetland Sheepdog 2012 in Canada for Rally Obedience

# 10 All Breed/#6 Herding Group/#3 Shetland sheepdog 2013 in Rally Obedience

Placements in all CD legs and Musical Freestyle legs

Mohawk Odessa BH, IOP1, CSSDF-B-Ch

Enjoying training in Obedience, tracking, Protection, scent detection and fitness


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